Jonathan Moskowitz

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Frequently asked questions

Who is your MMA inspiration and why?

I have many inspirations but some that come mind is my good friend and teammate Carson Frei and the Cooper family. Carson motivated me to pursue my fighting career by instilling a belief that I am capable of becoming a great fighter. Carson is a great mixed martial artist himself so coming from him meant a great deal to me. The Cooper family inspires me by showing their faith through their fighting. They show and believe that with god anything is possible.

What is your favorite cheat meal?

I like everything so choosing one meal is tough but I do love me some sushi! Sushi bars are amazing.

What do you do with your free time, other than train?

Play the PS4 and watch different older fights.

Who was your toughest opponent and why?

My toughest opponent is myself. Building myself to be prepared to face anyone is very important. This can become stressful and motivates me to train.

What are your future MMA goals?

My future MMA goal is to become a world champion.

Do you have any hidden talents?

No, if I say they won't be hidden anymore.

How would your bestfriends describe you?

A true friend. I am always there for them and I expect the same type of loyalty.

What was your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is music.

What is your favorite movie?

I enjoy movies I can always come back to. So I'd have to say Rocky.

What are you doing to stay ready during this pandemic?

I am training as if I had a fight coming up. I am running, lifting, studying, and training still. Might not be able to spar but I am able to still get a lot done.