The initial concepts of 559 Fights have changed over time, as our initial platform was to feature a local amateur fight card, followed by a UFC pay-per view. Our first event under this format was a huge success at the Kings Fairgrounds in April of 2012. Unfortunately, some good ideas are not widely liked, as our competition quickly made objections to CAMO and the UFC about our format. It caused so much controversy, as I was told by a UFC official the idea was brilliant, but although it didn’t directly violate any “rules” they wouldn’t allow us to purchase the PPV any longer. Our team switched gears and over the years we’ve traveled the Valley from Bakersfield to Fresno, from venue to venue putting together shows both large and small. Sometimes the events were a huge success, other times we were scrambling to make things work. Whatever the case, the shows went on… one after another.

~ Jeremy Luchau

Our Team

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